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BangSong Drabble Challenge

Hello! I've been wanting to make stories or even drabbles but I'm such a lazy ass so I can't even make one. So, by making this BangSong drabble challenge, I hope I'll get motivated.

So in this challenge, I need to at least make new stories every Tuesday and Thursday. Expect me to come up with 8 stories or more if I'm in the mood. This will start on February and end up on the same month. If this challenge helps, I might as well make another drabble challenge for the next month. So if there's anyone reading this or eager to read my drabbles, please communicate with me if I can't meet the deadline. Don't worry, you'll serve as my motivation as well.

I hope and pray I wouldn't fail myself! Stay tuned!
Tags: bangsong, drabble challenge, fic

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